About BOB

Thanks for visiting the Burnham Opportunity Box. Our aim is that BOB will soon become the first place that local young people will look if they have enquiries about work, leisure, volunteering, education or support services. But also, very importantly, we hope that young people will use BOB when they have something to offer, perhaps a talent or skill that they would like to share or a piece of useful information that they think others would find helpful.

If you would like to contribute in any way then why not sign up as a volunteer? Or fill out our contact form.

About BHPT

Burnham Health Promotion Trust (BHPT) is a local charity that was established in 1997. Working with, and for, young people in Burnham has always been a major part of the Trust's work. At our Annual Forum in March 2014 we introduced the concept of the Burnham Opportunity Box or BOB for short. BOB is planned as a long term programme with the aim of having a significant and positive impact on the future health and well-being of young people in Burnham. To find out more about the work of BHPT visit our website www.bhpt.org.uk

About You?

These are the earliest stages for BOB. We are currently building a database of useful contacts so if you are offering services for young people or have other information that you think should be included then please get in touch.

BOB Survey

We would also love to get your views on the BOB site, please take a moment to fill out our BOB Survey.

Burnham Health Promotion Trust

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